CQ Knowledgebase



1.  MasterFax ATA - Onsite Fax Machine Adaptor

  • If your fax machine is printing a confirmation page with each sent fax and you would like this deactivated contact your CQ rep to turn this off.

  • If your fax machine stops sending or receiving faxes locate the blue fax ATA box installed by CQ.  Remove the power for 10s and then replace the power.  

  • If a reboot of the ATA does not solve the problem check the connections between the fax ATA and your fax machine and between the ATA and your network.

  • If none of the above solve your problem contact your CQ rep.

2. Efax Server - Clearly

  • Low Volume: ~400 pg/mo

  • High Volume: ~3500 pg/mo

  • If your efaxes stop working contact your CQ rep to see if you have reached your alotted pages/mo.

  • Open up your email client and in the To field you can define the phone number you want to fax to @sendfax.to

  • ○ Example if I wanted to send a fax to 9209991234 I would send the email to

  • ○ At this time we require the phone number to be in 11 digit format so make sure you add the 1 to the number as shown above.


Cover Page and Attachments

● The Email to Fax service allows you to include attachments in the following formats that will get sent out the
fax service.
● You can also include an attachment named coverpage and we will pick up that attachment and make it be
the Cover Page of the outbound fax.
Confirmation of Sent Fax
● Once the outbound fax has been sent and either failed after the 3 retries or completed you will get a email
confirming the fax was sent and details about the fax.



3. Efax Server - Call Tower

  • Below are the steps for sending an Efax, this must be set up in our system so that the associated number and email work.

    1- Open a new email
    2- Enter the recipient's fax number and add @ctcloudfax.com
    3- Attach any Microsoft Office or PDF document you wish
    4- Send the email

Be sure you are sending the email from the inbox of the email setup to receive the efaxes.