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NimbusWatch IT Managed Services

Why Businesses are switching to IT Managed Services

1.End User receives access to trained and experienced engineers 

 a. Available to ensure that your infrastructure is available and ready when you need it.

 b. CQ takes ownership of technology issues and sees them through to completion.

 c. No need to worry about absenteeism and sickness, national insurance payments, recruitment etc.

2. Benefit from Improved Service and reliability  

 a. Every element of your network is monitored 24 hours a day.

 b. IT Support team is ready to act on any anomalies before they become business affecting.

 c. Reduced downtime costs (time, money and productivity) experienced resulting from unexpected IT interruptions.

3. Properly budget for your IT Services 

 a. Predictable operating costs (OPeX) and low capital costs (CAPeX).

 b. We provide solutions backed up by a knowledgeable team, for a fixed cost.

4. Gain access to highly resilient, highly secure IT Infrastructure

 a. Allows you to focus on your business strategy

 b. You can scale your operations on demand

 c. We provide future proof solutions that are based on proven, best of  breed technology.

5. Proactive Support is Standard

 a. It is in our interest to ensure that issues are avoided.

 b. We do not wait for business affecting issues to arise

 c. Fewer firefights as we will fix issues before you and your team even know a problem existed.

6. Benefit from Improved IT Security

 a. Minimize the risk of intrusion, data theft, lost productivity

 b. We will help you maintain your IT Security compliance with industry and government regulations (HIPPA/CPI)

7. Benefit from converged IT services - Lower costs brought about by economies of scale.

8. Better Focus

 a. We give you peace of mind that you need to focus on your core competencies and business strategy

 b. We take ownership of issues and see them through to  successful completion.

Cyber security
Cyber security
Cyber security
Cyber security


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