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50 Series User Video

Not all features shown in the training video may be activated or available on your phones.  Please contact your installer or CQ for more information.  This will especially be true of 3rd party phones and older CQ phones.

User Guide

End User Guide - Document Download

Phone Guide Desk Card

Voicemail Desk Card

This guide will focus on the usage of CQ 50 Series phones.  Other phones work on the SimplyHosted platform but the directions associated with some functions, such as transferring or parking a call will differ.


1. Placing a Call


Dial the number on the keypad and pick up the handset.

Dial the number on the keypad and press the speaker button.

Pick up the handset, dial the number, and press Send.

2.  End a Call

Press the Cancel button on the screen

Hang up the handset


3.  Place a call on hold.

Placing a call on hold keeps the caller on your phone only.  No other extension can pick up that caller.

During a conversation press the Hold key on the screen.

During a conversation press the Hold key that is located at the button of the phone.  It has a handset and a pause sign on it.

To pick up a call on hold press the resume key on the screen or press the Hold key again.


4.  Conference in another caller

Press the Conference button on the phone

Dial the number of the person you wish to conference in and press Send

When the person picks up you can press the Conf button to bridge the callers and yourself together.


5.  Parking a Call

Parking a call allows other extensions to pick up the parked call without having to transfer the call to a specific extension.

During a conversation press your Park key.

If no one picks up the call within a set amount of time the call will ring back to your phone.  If you are on the phone when the call comes back to you it will go to a failover destination.  Both the amount of time a caller can stay on park and the failover destination can be changed by your phone administrator.


6.  Pickup a Parked Call

Press the BLF key on your phone that is programmed as that parking lot.  If someone is parked in that lot the key should be red.  When you pick up that call the key will turn green.

If you have a Parking Lots key you should see the Parking Lots key turn red.  If you press the Parking Lots key you should see all of the calls that are parked and you can navigate to the call you wish to pick up.



7.  Transfer a Call

In firmware and above you can simply press the BLF key of the extension you wish to transfer a caller to.

Press the transfer key on your screen, dial the extension you wish to transfer the call, and then press B Transfer.


For an attended transfer, meaning you want to speak to your colleague before you send them a call – Press transfer, dial the extension, speak to your colleague and then either hang up or press the transfer key on your phone when they are ready.



8.  Transfer a call directly to Voicemail

Press the transfer key on your screen, then press the blind key on your phone, dial *extension you wish to transfer the call to and then press Send. 

Transfer --> *200 --> B Transfer will transfer a call directly to 200’s Voicemail

If your system has been updated and the backend programming made then you can press and hold a BLF key for another user and it will go directly to their VM box. (Does require dealer programming)

9.  To check your Voicemail

Dial *97 (press send) and then enter your VM password when prompted.  Your setup may not require a password when dialing VM from your phone.

Default VM passwords are typically you extension number but check with your phone admin if this is not working.

Press the Mailbox key on the far left of your phone (Envelope), select the account you wish to access and press Connect.


10.  To check the Voicemail of any extension

Dial *98 (Send) and then enter the VM box you wish to access.


11.  Setting up Initial VM and Greetings

The first time you log into your VM box the system will walk you through recording your greetings


Changing your VM Greetings after your initial setup

Dial *97 to access your VM

Dial 0 to go to the Mailbox Options Section.

From there you can dial one of the Following:

1 Record Unavailable Message

2 Record Busy Message

3 Record your Name

4 Manage your Temporary Greeting

-When you record your temporary greeting it will become the dominate message played when anyone calls your phone. When you come back, from vacation for example, you must delete that message for the phone to revert back to using your original messages.

5 Change Password


12.  Mute your phone

Press the Mute button on the far left of your phone (Microphone with a slash through it)



13. Phone Customization

To change the button on your CQ phone (You cannot change the 4 buttons on the bottom of the screen)

Press the check mark on the upper right of your phone twice.  Make note of the IPV4 Address.

Open the web browser of your choice (Chrome preferred)

Type in the Address such as

Default username and password are admin

Select Function Keys on the top menu to change the keys of your choice.

***If you want to change your own buttons please contact your phone admin to allow your settings to stay.  Otherwise your phone will revert to the original template it was delivered with***


Phone Buttons




1.  Choppy Audio

  •  If Single Phone Reboot the phone.  To reboot the phone you can turn the phone around and remove the power adaptor for 10s and plug it back in.  If there is no power adaptor then the phone is getting its power from the ethernet cable.  Remove the ethernet cable that is plugged into the Internet port for 10s and plug it back in.

If the reboot did not solve the problem then test the phone with a handset/phone cable from a phone that is working.  If it is the handset/phone cable that fixes the issue contact your CQ rep for a replacement.

  • If All Phones - Start with a modem reboot.  This is usually a black box where your internet enters your office.  Typically has a coax cable plugged into it.

If the modem reboot doesn't solve the issue, reboot your router/firewall.  This is usually plugged into your modem.

If you are uncertain of your modem or router contact your IT team or ISP for further guidance.

2.  All the Phones go offline


Your phone system in the cloud sits behind a protected firewall that is designed to only allow traffic from your office(s).  If your office has a change in WAN IP, the address your office is known to the internet, then your phones will no longer be allowed to reach the cloud.  Open a web browser and search - What is my WAN IP?  Copy the WAN IP provided and contact your CQ rep so the firewall can be adjusted.

If in this process you find your internet is also down then the phones should come back online once your internet has been restored.  Since your system is in the cloud you can contact your CQ rep and have inbound calls routed to an alternate number until your internet is restored.

3.  I am no longer receiving VM emails

The first place to look will be in the spam/junk folder of your email.  If you do not see them there contact your CQ rep for further investigation.  If you do find them in your spam/junk then create a filter in your email so they always go to your inbox.

4.  I changed my button programming but it reverted back

Your phone is linked to a template that unless your CQ rep makes the necessary changes, will override your modifications.  Contact your rep to allow your changes to override the template.




1.  MasterFax ATA - Onsite Fax Machine Adaptor

  • If your fax machine is printing a confirmation page with each sent fax and you would like this deactivated contact your CQ rep to turn this off.

  • If your fax machine stops sending or receiving faxes locate the blue fax ATA box installed by CQ.  Remove the power for 10s and then replace the power.  

  • If a reboot of the ATA does not solve the problem check the connections between the fax ATA and your fax machine and between the ATA and your network.

  • If none of the above solve your problem contact your CQ rep.

2.  Efax Server

  • Below are the steps for sending an Efax, this must be set up in our system so that the associated number and email work.

    1- Open a new email
    2- Enter the recipient's fax number and add
    3- Attach any Microsoft Office or PDF document you wish
    4- Send the email

Be sure you are sending the email from the inbox of the email setup to receive the efaxes.



Download Zulu - Desktop Client

User Guide

Clearly Anywhere Mobile App

ClearlyAnywhere Mobile



Navigate to Google Play store and search for the Clearly Anywhere app

Apple (iOS)


Navigate to the App, Store and search for the Clearly Anywhere app

Log in to the App with the following:

  • User Name - Typically your extension number.

  • Password - Provided by your CQ contact.

  • Domain - Provided by your CQ contact.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Call Details

This video focuses on two modules included with the Nimbus platform.  The first module, Asternic CDR, gives a big picture view of who is taking and making the most calls.  The second module, CDR Reports, allows you to search for a specific call that may be in question.

This video focuses on a module that is an upgrade to a standard Nimbus - Queue Reports.  If you have chosen this as an upgrade this video will guide you through the reporting process.

Customer Support


If you are experiencing issues with your SimplyHosted system you can receive support through your CQ certified dealer or from CQ directly.  Feel free to use the form below, call CQ directly at 989-492-7068 or email

SimplyHosted Support Ticket

CQ Tech Support is working to resolve your issues.  We will be in touch if we have an update to share.  For emergencies please call your CQ dealer or 989-492-7068

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